In Sivananda style yoga, we emphasize a lot on Savasana or deep relaxation. In the sequence we practice start with Initial Savasana (5 mins) and short Savasana (2 mins) in between almost every postures, followed by final relaxation ( with auto-suggestion and Savasana 15 mins).. but what I see generally in almost everyday yoga classes, mostly people would skip Savasana, walk out from the class or make it very short like 1 min. For me, Savasana is the MUST which helps to heal and compensate energy and oxygen that I have lost during body heating activity in asanas practice. With Sivananda sequence, pattern of doing a lots of Savasana, I never walked out from the class with fatigue body or low in energy, in opposite I feel very centered, high in energy circulating in my body. And the most importantly, very peaceful.

From the book “The key poses of Yoga” by Dr. Ray Long explain about it very clearly :

“Savasana or Corpse pose, completes the cycles. The sun salutation have reset the muscle lengths in the brain and heated the body. The specific postures have lengthened the muscles surrounding the various joints, stimulation nerve conduction and illuminating the chakras. The inversion reconnect us to the parasympathetic nervous system. Now, it’s to complete with deep relaxation.

Theta brain wave patterns predominate in Savasana, with electrical activity oscillating and vibrating at frequency of 4-8 Hz. This state of brain function engages the intuitive unconscious mind, accessing seated memories and connecting to the collective unconscious. Healing occurs in this state. Deeper states of Savasana take the brain wave pattern into Delta (0.5-2 Hz. frequeny). This is the brain wave state of dreaming.”

Article by Sita. Yoga teacher, currently giving lessons at Casa Santosa