Casasantosa was founded with the intention to create a space where people can come to heal, a #magical #sanctuary where people can leave all their trouble behind so that they can go home lighter and happier. I wanted to contribute in making the world a better place – one individual at a time, to create a better sense of self that leads to better community and eventually a better world.

I intent to do it through sharing the amazing #light of a #yoga practice and the #transformative power of a #life live #mindfully and more awake #yoga save my life and I wanted to share that, to #inspire people; to walk alongside people in their #pain and not be afraid, in fact to show that the very same #pain and setback are the #medicine that would be their salvation.

A month ago, when I announced our closure, I had struggled with the decision for a year. I had felt ‘finish’ with the task at hand and yet not sure if I should stop or go on. We were growing, so I decided to continue, expanded the space went to Tibet to do pilgrimage at Mt Kailash to ask for more guidance. I was devastated when the guidance was to ‘exit Casa Santosa’ those of you readers who are familiar with the Divine Guidance know that it is impossible to go against it. Nevertheless, I fought against it, as my typical response to anything, Fight-prove it wrong. I ask for clearer signs to show that I didn’t interpret the message wrongly, with each of those signs it became clearer and I fought harder; then I failed. Then there was nothing else to do, other than surrender.

I had become attached, obsess, greedy, misalign. I wanted more, business needs to make more to survive, I had derailed from my original intention, I had lost my practice in order to keep the space running as a business. Had I continued, the powerful #magic that the space hold will be diluted, a derailed intention will become toxic, and I, as the space holder, when I lost grip of Ahimsa, Casa Santosa would loose its ability to heal. It took a trip to South America to help me see this. Again, there was nothing else to do, other than surrender – let go

Once I made that decision, I saw very clearly that my job was done. Casa Santosa had become the sanctuary that I intended it to be, it built community and pull people out of their isolation; it had provided shelter and safe space for those in transition time in their life, teachers and practitioners help those who had come to us sick, weak, recovering from terminal disease and now vibrantly living life. Most importantly, we have inspired people to lead a meaningful healthy life beyond Casa Santosa. It is time to pass on the torch to the next sanctuary

This was not meant to be a long: for-the-rest-of-my-life-project; this was meant to be short intense and sweet, just the way I like it. I have completed my mission and have learnt tremendously throughout the four years and burnt so many Karmic links and tapas that hopefully help me generate merits to help the liberation of sentient beings.

As I close the door for the last time, thank you for all the challenging lessons, trials and tribulations; they helped me built my own strength, find the courage of my own heart and recognize the Divinity of my angels and protectors.

What is next?

Stay tuned as I sit in silence for the next download of the Divine Guidance and Grace for the next adventure.