We all Want to have a Better Life the trouble is we don’t always know where to begin or when to begin. If you are still wondering as to when, there is no better time than to start it NOW!! and here are list of things that you could start with:

1. Start working on your negative traits. We all have those and they’re hard to face. But you’ll like yourself more if you can slowly work on these.

2. Look for role models who embody positive traits. Notice what they do, and do not do. Try to mimic or adapt their attitudes and traits. As they say, ‘Fake it till you make it’

3. Start where you are – there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re on a journey that is going to take some time. So forget about the past. Don’t let it hold you back. Move towards a different future and a new kind of “you”- the more Authentic You

4. Be a better sibling, partner or friend. Relationships matter and are crucial in this life. If you treat others well you will generally find that the majority of people will also treat you well.

5. Accept other people for who and what they are. Choose to be kind and to think the best of them. Cut them some slack, and try and help them when you can.

6. Be Open. You need to be open to learn if you’re going to change and to grow in your life.

7. Be real and honest – but do it in a way that is clearly non-judgmental and conveys respect.

8. Be committed and conscientious. You can’t be a slacker, or unreliable, or only half-committed, and expect to go far.

Most Importantly,

9. Be courageous. We all experience fear as we continue to grow and embarking in new territories, nevertheless have the courage to say Yes in following your heart that will lead you to your adventure and living a better fulfilled life.

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