blogimage8I have been wanting to do a detox and was looking for a great program when I found Positive Living-Liver Gallbladder 7 days juice fast with Sara Varella. She had sent me information bout the cleanse and intuitively I had that swirl in my belly and thumping in my heart when I knew that something is good; sure enough I got so excited about it that without thinking or reading through the information, i quickly register myself.

Only after the first day of detox, I went back and read it carefully, so it says ‘this is not a gentle detox,it takes 100% commitment and will power; this is for individual who want long term result -FAST’
Man, what a commitment and strength that it required.

Why do it?
According to Dr. Andreas Moritz, the author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse’:
Because the liver is the main organ responsible for processing,converting, distributing and maintaining the body’s fuel supply, obstructive gallstones can greatly impair the capacity to deliver the right amount of nutrients and energy to the right places at the right times. This can upset the very delicate balance in the body. Freeing the liver and gallbladder from all stones, not only helps to restore balance and set the precondition for the body to heal itself, but it is perhaps one of the best precautions one can take to protect oneself against illness in the future.

My reason to do it, all of the above and more. i wanted it to work more on my mental and emotional cleansing. I intent to grow up, i intent to progress with my life; with that I have to close any old stories, old limited mental patterns, any old emotional garbage that I have been carrying on a cellular levels. I need to uproot all these emotional debris from where it has embedded in all my organs and muscles tissues. I am ready to let go, I WANT TO LET GO. I want to be ready and make space for new things to enter my life.

So here goes my 7 days journey of cleansing

Preparation: Sara, the gorgeous strong soul that led the group, met with me to ask for my intention and to explain thoroughly what we need to prepare everyday.
Day 1 – Day 6
In the morning:
1)Start with coconut oil pulling for 2-3mins follow by tongue scrapping. While doing the oil pulling, dry brush you skin with shower brush with upward stroke from leg up towards the heart.
2)Daily Enema, with water or organic coffee
3) rub castor oils on belly
4) prepare 3 – 4 liters of vegetable juice and 1 litre of green apple juice. For me, I drank 3 liters of vegetable juice, I can’t stomach more than that

Vegetable juice consist of:
2 green apples
6-7 celery stalks
1-2 cucumbers
1 thumb ginger
1/2 lemon
Handful of green vegetable (spinach, kale, Bok choy) really whatever floats your boat. Preferably, I would have love to have kale but in Singapore they are super expensive, so I settle for spinach.

Throughout the day drink water, hibiscus tea fantastic to help with the kidney. I put a couple drop of peppermint in my water to help with variety of taste.

At night:
Journal thoughts and feelings
Rub castor oil, wrap with cling wrap and go to sleep EARLY!!

blogimage10Day 1:

I got up at 6am, didn’t do well with the enema. Preparing and making the juices took me 3.5hours!!!
Now, those who know me know that I am not a morning person so by 10am -Monday morning, without coffee, 3hours standing, I was close to turning into HuLk- as green as all those vegetable juices.

After the massive frustration i had in the morning, I went to work almost in fury. I was so caught up in my own mental muck and took me a while to calm myself down. The usual business of Monday made the day went by like a breeze. I felt quite ok, my mind was super clear and calm for the rest of the day.
Spiritually, I felt equanimity, that place of bliss and non attachment to the ego that is acting out in the word and getting by being busy, not attach to any situations or feelings- good or bad.. Such a bliss!!! This is the ultimate freedom, the kind of feelings you feel in yoga practice or meditation but I had it troughout the whole day.. I was absolutely grateful for that!!
Day 1 over

Day 2
Woke up feeling ‘drunk’ that was as best as I can explain it. All my limbs, my eyes, my joints ache badly and i had massive headaches. I could barely drag myself out of bed, literally crawled to the bathroom to lie down and finish the oils pulling and enema and brushing on the floor.
I had massive headache I could barely function but I had to make my juices.
So I gather myself and made it through all the juices 2.5hrs today.. Then I did simple restorative yoga work to gather myself and drag myself to work.

I was looking forward to the first colonic hydrotherapy session. I had done it before and I knew that this will be my medicine for today. It would make me feel better and it did.
After my colon was emptied out, I was better. I went from drunk to slight hangover. Dr.Goh said that I feel ‘drunk’ from all the toxins that circulating within the body. So do expect this feeling on your 2nd day if you are doing the detox. Inside my colon, there were lots of mucus and these mucus prevent nutrients to be properly absorb by the body and for toxin to go out of the systems. So once these mucus was out of my systems, toxins was also flush out. I Felt SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. These mucus form in our body through our unhealthy food intake Such as sweet, sugary and spicy food. Things that are sticky like ice cream and my favorite salt water taffy really bad for the stomach

Barely made it day 2

blogimage9Day 3

My body ache slightly less, headache still there. Juice took 2hrs.
I felt like ‘in-between’ state for the whole day, neither here not there. Sara pointed out that it sounds like I am in the process of transformation. I am grateful for my strength and determination to make it through this far regardless the persistent thought in my head to just eat something as no one would know.
I am grateful for my commitment and to not cheat. Through this, I have seen my default when things get tough, especially in relationship.

I realized I need someone with emotional depth and I need to acknowledge and communicate that rather than keep having Relationshp with good looking people with emotional intelligence of high school kids and get my emotional need from somebody else. I need to stop cheating on myself and others. I am grateful for my intuition and that I always march to the beat of my own drum. I am absolutely less effected by what other people think or want me to do. I am no longer attached to how they feel or would see me becuae I know me.

Full of revelations and gratitude day 3

Day 4
Everything went So smooth from the enema, to juicing- 1.5hrs today!!
I feel super vibrant, bright, light, glowing. I am so happy!!
I am grateful for the break through and the feeling of lightness.
Managed to put in 60mins yoga. awesome!!!

Vibrant day 4

Day 5
Like a repeat of day 4 if not took me longer to finish the vegetable juice as I get less and less hungry. I did 90mins yoga, double awesome!!
I am grateful for where life has led me, for all the people in my life that had stay through good and bad times.

Awesome day 5

To be continued…