How much can you actually do in an hour?
sit in traffic, do your grocery, reply emails, catch up with an old friend, meditate, do crazy dance in your living room, more errands running maybe…

Think about it, an hour isn’t very long.
60 minutes, 3600 seconds. THAT’S IT. In my numerous recent happenings with health that leads to death (or coma) for some of people close to our family, an hour is EVERYTHING. My father said, that one hour could be all there is,  he said that is the crucial window of time that can determine whether a person, patient in this case, lives or dies. An hour can save your life.

An HOUR, One hour can change everything-all that you know of what life is, could be flip around in that one hour. I find that in my clients work as well, an hour can change mind, shift perspective, reveal secrets, the fate of relationship could be determined to continue on or to find its demise. One hour can change everything forever.

For some, an hour can mean almost nothing, they mindlessly going through the motion of life. For others, an hour makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes, it could simply be a gift we give ourselves.

No matter what happens to you in that one hour, in the end, it is just an hour. One of many more to come: 60 minutes, 3600 seconds, then it starts all over again and who knows what hold for you in the next hour.

This year, I have spent countless hours sitting in hospitals, Emergency Room and the like. Observing, listening and doing what I do best: conversing with people waiting for their loved ones as I wait for mine. In general people would say, ‘If only I knew better, I would have ….’

If you were to be given one hour, one more golden hour, what would you do?

Whatever your answer is, live with that sense of urgency and awareness, as time will wait for no one.