The light and the dark; the masculine and the feminine, embrace both gracefully

Only when we can sit comfortably with our shadow, we can come come to accept them and live with them from a place of Grace.  This realisation will reind us more of our own power and the light that resides within.

The more we work on healing and accepting our shadow side, the more we are able to understand other’s shadow projections upon us and not to take them personally, and when we don’t take those personally not only we help shed lights unto them, we help heal all of our collective wound.

This very work is how collective consciousness shift, this very work is how we as a collective humanity shift our fear based consciousness to love.  The work begin with us, embrace the darkness for there is never a state o darkness on its own rather than a lack of lights.  So embrace it, work with it and be of service to your own enlightenment then help assist illuminating others.

May the light Shine upon you to the world that is waiting.