‘Come What May’

May Love List
Sunny morning after a night of electric thunderstorm ⚡️ Reconnecting with an old Friend and realising how bless to have this kind of friendship where time and space know no boundaries ⚡️ the end of Mercury Retrogade ⚡️ knowing that after all the round abouts, some people are truly meant to stay ⚡️ Everyday is someone’s birthdays in May, especially these angels @ksuparman @drisarwono @junkojunostyle ⚡️ obsess with Meghan Trainor ‘NO’ #girlpower ⚡️saying YES to a new challenge even if it terrifies me ⚡️ peaceful quiet morning with #mylove @lunsasantosathecat listening to the birds ⚡️ #konmari my closet for the second time, hard for the ego, good for the soul. Bonus point: made money out of them, enough to buy plane tickets to Europe this August- September. #sparkjoy #feelingaccomplished ⚡️ Your turn!! Share yours!!