‘Give the one you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay’- The 14th Dalai Lama

The photo above was taken in Punakha Dzong, Bhutan.  Punakha Dzong also known as the Palace of Great Happiness. It is one of my favourite place in Bhutan and I am in love with the Bodhhi Tree in its vast courtyard.

I couldnt believe mu luck that morning we arrived to an empty courtyard that usually pack with people.  I was so giddy with joy I ran aroudn the courtyard, hugged the tree until my brother came with his “WTF..is my sister doing now?!” and offered to take a photo.

When I frist visited Bhutan in 2007, I was told to make a wish with a sincere heart under this very tree and it will come true.  I had wished for my broken heart to heal and for me to find a way to live, a path of my own.

Ten years later, my heart finally healed and fell in love with my husband under the Boddhi Tree in Bodhghaya, India and as it turned out to be the parent tree to this one in Punakha Dzong.  COINCIDENCE? I think the Universe just gave me a big wink =)