Breast Cancer Awareness

October! is not only for Halloween but it is also the month that I am most conscious about my breast.  Yes, it is the Breast Cancer awareness month.

I first had my Mammogram and breast Ultrasound in 2012 prompted after a Reiki session when the therapist sensed that there might be something on the right breast. So I did and there was something but it was not cancerous. Fortunately, I have good relationship with my doctor who doesn’t see me with the twinkling dollar signs in his eyes and agreed that there is no need to remove it or do anything at this moment other than to keep a watchful eye on it, diligently do self examination and annual checkups.

The thing is, I used to think that cancer is something that belong to the ‘older’ population meaning once you are in your 50s or 60s, but as we know, this is no longer the case.  There are 2 types of progressions for breast cancer: 1) the slow progressing and the 2) the rapid. Slow progressing is when you find something and it is nothing but overtime it grows into something significant, and this will take the course of years therefore keeping an eye is recommended so then it can be caught early. Whereas the Fast moving is the aggressive type with higher fatality correlated to it.

TO do or Not to do:

1) If you are like me, came in long history of Cancer in the family, literally, all of my grandparents, granduncles and grand aunties, from my parents side passed away due to Cancer, it is best to be on the safe side and talk to your doctors and get your check up done! Better to know than not know, although we do not need to go the Angelina Jolie’s path.

2) When in doubt, CHECK:  If you suspect of anything from your own self examination, NEVER DELAY, talk to your doctor and get a thorough check.  We all need to do self examination daily, if not at least after our menstrual cycle

3) Age Factor: it is suggested that once you hit 40, it is time to get that check done, or with a prevalent family history like mine, it is best to start by mid 30s, starting earlier could do no wrong.

Breast Cancer Awareness

What to expect during Mammogram?

Discomfort, but if the technician is not skilled with the machine, it could be really painful, that machine definitely was not invented by a woman.  The other thing you will feel is super awkward, the technician will place and press and squeeze your boobs to get it situated well in between 2 plates that will flatten your boobs from several different angles.

The other thing that caught me by surprised, I felt emotional. On that first visit, when they said they couldn’t release me yet because they have to check several times and retake the procedure because they have film has shown something that they want to be sure of. I was sitting there in agony, thinking the worse, preparing a conversation of how I should tell my mom the news. That experienced haunted me, so every year for the past 3 years of the month October, I get the jitters.


The relief to know that all is well, is Priceless. This year, another year that they said although the malignancy is there it is still stable and unchanged. How does it feel to live knowing that there is abnormal tissue inside my body? I rather know what I am dealing with so I know how to keep my health and wellness at optimum level naturally and keep it at bay.

So, if you have never gotten yours check, Do it.  Since the month of October is a Breast Awareness Month, hospitals offer discounted price, so it is slightly better on the pocket too .

Give your breast some love
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