That used to be a sentence I am uncomfortable with, the idea to be alone by myself, used to scared me. In the past three years, I worked hard creating a relationship with the #Divine in me. It had not been easy but it had been the best journey I had ever taken up in my life. I know now how to enjoy my own company without being define through another person. Now, I love my own company that I feel at peace wherever I am. I enjoy my own company so much that I don’t need to use other people to fill the void, to be with another person just out of habit or worst to used other people to mask my own fear to be who I am or my own fear to stand on my own two fee.

I enjoy my own company so much that I am able to see if the other not gonna contribute to more joy and happiness, they are free to leave the table; the same way that I should be free to walk away from the table as soon as love is no longer offered. For now, I am in love with my own company and at peace with Table for 1.