They said ‘slow and steady’ wins the race.This is how my love affair with barcelona begun, as the city slowly unravel its secret and I discover its charm in its little corners, little steps that I took along passages, i see beauty everywhere even in the loudness of all the voices of its people day and night. Slow and steady as I discover its many streets and plazas, I feel the excitement felt in any new relationship.

I wasn’t even interested in getting to know the city when I arrived about a month ago, I am here for a yoga training, not for sightseeing; however, the slow and steady rhythm of the day, the laid back flow of the pace and yet the richness of its culture and Latin soul, warms my heart and allow me to drop my crazy Asian neurosis. Barcelona and the Catalans had welcomed me with such open arms, although reluctant at the beginning, I have surrendered to its embraced and found myself unexpectedly in love with it.

Now as it is time to leave, like any love affair, I wish to stay a little longer, stay inside this love bubble, not wanting to say goodbye; but I also know that, the unforgettable love are those that are sweet slow and steady

Till next time my Beloved