Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

‘Your Struggle is part of your Story’

One of my Favourite pose! I love any sort of side stretch and this one hurts so good.  I came to yoga with an injured spine, years of scoliosis that compressed the left quadrants of my thoracic spine made worse by car accident, needless to say, Yoga Asana was, and still is, quite a challenge for me.  To be able to open up to Parvrtta Janu Sirsasana was one of my body achievements.  Each time I am in the pose, I can’t help but being emotional about it, memories of the pain and the struggle, feeling of betrayal by my own body that all have been transcended into openess, gratitude and love (as cheesy as it may sound, I know).  I am thankful for the spirit of the soul and the strength of the mind that had been resilient and determined to rise above the limitations.

Wherever you are at your journey, I wish you well! May you be guided by the light within your heart. The healing that we attain through this body, may it bring healing to all sentient beings.