KimChi Fried Rice

I love Fried Rice!! To me, they are comfort food especially on the day when you don’t have enough time to carve out time in the kitchen.  Fried rice is always a reliable crowd pleaser and this one is truly #nomnomnom

1 cup chopped Kim Chee
3 bowls of Rice
1/4 cup kimchi juice
2-3 tablespoon of Gochujang
1 green onion
Grapeseed Oils
Sesame oils
Sesame seed (to your liking)
Seaweed (optional)
Egg (optional)

1) Heat up the wok and drizzle grape seed oils.
2) add chopped Kimchi and stir fry
3) add ride, kimchi juice,Gochujang and mix them all together
4) remove from the heat
5) drizzle sesame oils, sesame seed, seaweed, chopped green onion.
(These items are optional. You can add them up to your taste and liking as for mine, I used them all, a drizzle of sesame oils and I rain on the sesame seed and seaweed) 😝😝😋
6) Serve immediately!!!!

Health Tips:
I used grape seed oils because they can stand cooking with higher heat as compare to olive oils. Extra virgin olive oils or olive oils can only be cook to certain temperature as any higher will turn them toxic for eating.
Another oil options for higher temperature cooking is coconut oils however it doesn’t suit this dish because of its strong taste and smell in the oil. For this dish,given the name,the Kimchi should be the star and not have a mix taste of coconut in it.

Have fun trying it!! Let me know how you do and ask me any questions in the comment box below