When you came home to a bat hanging on top of the ledge of your front door!!!! What would you do?

Well I freaked the F* out and about to pass out, contemplating if I should at all go in or go stay in the airbnb opposite of my house, is think a prank for Halloween or is that even real should I poke it? my mind went millions miles an hour as my hands went cold then the bat opened up its wings and I felt like I was in my own directed horror movie. Anyway, asking its permission to pass through, I went inside my home.

Let me give you a bit of what has been happening since I came back from Barcelona a month ago.  I was super exhausted, intuitively I know that this had been a massive year for me: major karmic clearing one after another, non stop of being with people and travel like as if I am Taylor Swift on tour and I desperately needed some rest, time to myself to process.  On the plane ride home from Barcelona, I was thinking to myself,  I wish I could have that privilege of time, I wish I could just go into my ‘cave’ and no one will disturb me.  I landed in Singapore with the worst pollution that ever hit us caused by the annual forest burning in Indonesia but as usual nothing can stop me from working unless I am sick.  I got sick and my classes were canceled.  Divine interventions!! Be careful what you wish for people.

I took the time to cleared off many things, as you know, letting go is never just a mental concept but it has to be done in the physical plane as well, removing things, removing people/relationships really cutting the energetic cords and that was what I needed to do.  I keep myself in a tight lid vacuum dedicating my time for practice, processing and reorganizing my life completely, getting back in touch with my Higher Self, with the Divine.


The solitude and the lack of energy exchange with other people, help me stay clear to download guidance.  I love this solitary moment, this moment of being inward, I call this time being in my ‘cave’ I feel the most in alignment when I am in my cave  and I can constantly be in my prayers.  I am always in my prayers outside too but in my cave it gets amplified, and I got lots of prayer of asking forgiveness and giving out forgiveness to be done, especially this year!!

The night before I came home to Mr. Bat, I have asked for a sign to show me where am I going in life or rather where would the Divine Life flow take me? am I hearing the guidance correctly, am I on the right track?  To answer my questions, the Divine sent one of his most ‘in your face’ powerful messenger: Mr. Bat

After I got back into the house, shook off the tingling on my spine, I knew Mr. Bat is there for me, it was making this high pitch noise to call me back towards the door and I surrendered found myself sitting with the bat hanging on top of my head.  Luna, my cat came to join me which I totally appreciate, she is always so good at being supportive.  I sat and I tuned in…

c46687c9092c750dd9f88af0e6e43b96When I opened my eyes, I looked up at the bat then to Luna and can’t help laughing to myself, what a perfect Halloween Moment that was: Mr. Bat, Luna – the Black Cat and me (broom parked downstairs) 😉 One happy family.  In that instant, I only felt deep gratitude for the message and for the memory.

Bat Medicine: Time for Rebirth, Transition and Intuition

According to the Native American Shaman, Bats are very sensitive to their surrounding which means being visited by a bat is a good omen to trust one’s inner guidance.  Therefore to cast away doubt and move ahead with confidence in the growing ability to cast away illusions, following the inner compass.

Bats sleep in a cave or a dark places.  This is symbolic of the womb and the animal’s positions hanging upside down symbolize to the unborn self, immersed in darkness.  To encounter Bat Medicine is to help let go of old habits and previous way of life and to face a new beginning. So face fears head on, bat will continue to help see in darkness through messages coming from intuition to come into a new understanding.  Prepare for rebirth and the time is Now: Be Ready.  Not getting Ready, Be Ready.

Believe it or not, I started this spiritual journey 12 years ago and went through many challenges, Subconsciously for the longest time, I referred to this past 12 years as my ‘dark times’ and in Chinese Zodiac, this year is the year of the Goat which is my zodiac animal and what that means for the goats this is the year of ‘ground zero’ where everything at the lowest point energetically, the end, reset to zero. When I was in Barcelona, I told my yoga brother/teacher, this year is my Savasana (corpse pose) year, I am done, finish, FIN, completed a cycle; something new bout to be rebirth and I am gonna let ME step aside and completely surrender to the inner guidance to direct me to the next thing.  In the mean time, I am staying in the ‘cave’ Ready for Rebirth.

So how bout that for major intuition moment and synchronicity.  =)

How much faith do you have in your Spirit Guide? The next time you have a ‘visitor’ tune in and be so deep in love and gratitude at how much the Universe is there to support your soul evolution. Rise up and tune into the calling of your soul and don’t be afraid to answer

Sat Nam.
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