‘We Are the hero of our own Story’

April Love:  🌟 shout out to all the women who glows in the dark #womenempowerment or #kartiniday in Indonesia 🌟 Long overdue girl time and ‘fun dining’ with oliliem @dewiloho 🌟 ‘miss you so much’ surprise visit to Tim Jahja and Ramdhan Djuhara 🌟 Listening to soulsister Mona Jahja journey in her fast growing yoga studio gudanggudang 🌟 Coldplay hymn on repeat (I oh I oh I feeling drunk and high.. ) OBSESSED 🌟LEMONADE ( Bow down to Queen B) 🌟 waking up to my love lunasantosa 🌟 starting a new project 🌟 #vedicashtrology reading that bring closure and peace. Chaos was needed to know peace 🌟Super love @natgeochannel #thestoryofgod with the one and only #morganfreeman (he can a narrate a children’s book and I’ll tune in)