I didn’t use to like Bitter melon or Bitter gourd, I only started to love it when I change my lifestyle and eating habit into more intuitive eating and allowing the body intelligence to choose what it would like to have to feel nourish.  The cleaner my diet, the easier it is to tune into what the body needs.  Bitter gourd had become a staple in my fridge and there are days when I feel like I need it more than others.  From consuming it, I notice that it works in reducing the body heat and good for my liver hence I see significant difference in my excema breakouts but thats the limit of my knowledge from my body until I went to search for more benefits of this tiny but powerful vegetable.


1) Bittergourd helps kills cancer cells.  Scientific studies found that it actually helps heal certain kind of cancer, some studies indicated that it works in fighting pancreatic cancer.  A study at University of Colorado found that it can be used to treat pancreatic cancer due to its ability to lower the blood sugar with increase glucose metabolism in pancreatic cell thus destroying them.  Its extract help lower the glucose level hence help with fighting pancreatic cancer

2) Because of its ability to lowers blood sugar through increased glucose metabolism, it is also a natural cure for diabetes.

3) It helps increase the Immune System.  Stir fry bitter melon helps to increase immune system, while aiding digestions at the same time and curb any food allergy.

4) Its juice was founded to help stop cancer cell growth in liver, colon, breat and prostate.  in fact its juice works well as a liver tonic, to help the function of liver and gallbladder

5) With its benefit in digestion, live and gallbladder, the skin will benefit, especially for those with skin condition of excema and psoriasis.

I hope you find this as fascinating as I do, what surprise me more was that how amazing the body is, it will lead and direct to the right section of the supermarket to get the best options for healing and nutrition that the body needs.  I am definitely learning to trust the body intuition more and more.

How about you? how do you choose your food? Don’t forget to share your comment

Healthy Eating =)