My Sanctuary: Casa Santosa

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Casasantosa was founded with the intention to create a space where people can come to heal, a #magical #sanctuary where people can leave all their trouble behind so that they can go home lighter and happier. I wanted to contribute in making the world a better place – one individual at a time, to create [...]

Pray for Nepal

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2 weeks ago I bumped into someone who told me that before the end of April, I would receive sad news from abroad and you will be broken hearted, she followed that warning with 'consider yourself warned'. Days gone by with nothing happen and in fact the month slowly came to a nice close for [...]

The Space in Between

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I left Colombia with a clear committed single pointed sense of what I need to do. The feeling of love from the family gave me strength to still the quiver in my heart that had driven me nuts for months. I was eager to come back. I found myself arriving 'home' to what seems like [...]

Slice of Life (93.8fm): Self Development

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I agree with that definition. The next questions would be, what are these abilities or qualities? I reckon that the answer to this question may vary for each individual. As for me, referring to my own self-development, these characters would be of Wisdom, Compassion/ Loving-Kindness. For the sake of this conversation I will define what [...]

Each Morning

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“Each morning after you wake up, try to shape your thinking in beneficial ways before you begin your day. You can think, for instance, ‘May my body, my speech, and my mind be used in a more compassionate way, so that they become a service to others.’ This is something I usually do. It makes [...]

What If

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1) What if you just let it go? 2) What if you forgave him? 3) What if you made a conscious decision to be happy today? 4) What if you slept an entire day without guilt? 5) What if you gave $10.00 to a homeless man and nobody saw? 6) What if you called your [...]

Relationship through the Buddhist Practice

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"In a close relationship, opportunities to get angry arise many times a day, so to prevent the build-up of bad feelings we need to deal with anger as soon as it begins to arise in our mind. We clear away the dishes after every meal rather than waiting until the end of the month, because [...]

Better Life

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We all Want to have a Better Life the trouble is we don't always know where to begin or when to begin. If you are still wondering as to when, there is no better time than to start it NOW!! and here are list of things that you could start with: 1. Start working on [...]

Be Brave

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What & If

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“What and if, two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: ‘what if?’ what if? What if?’” - this a paragraph extracted from a letter my little brother showed me. I am no stranger to this. [...]